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Real Estate Agents And Brokers - The Ultimate Real Estate Wholesalers?
Real estate agents and brokers can be the ultimate real estate wholesalers. This is one of the reasons why, after many years of investing without a real estate license, I decided to finally get licensed. Let me explain.
Let's take a look at what a typical wholesale deal might look like for a real estate investor that is not licensed. You find a deal and get it under contract from the seller at a price that you can sell it for and still make a profit. Then, you start marketing the deal to your contacts, which include other real estate investors. [...]

Agents And Brokers Ad Value Estimator Buttons To Their Real Estate Web Sites
Why real estate agents are adding things like "value estimating buttons" to their web pages.
For a short time, some of the large "display" and "lead generation" real estate sites have tried to reduce valuing a home to a programmers equation. The surfer enters an address or some other identifying data, and voila! - a value appears. Unfortunately the value is often very incorrect. So, why are real estate agents adding "Value Estimator" buttons to their pages? [...]

Why Do Real Estate Agents Require Websites?
During the past ten years, the Internet has changed the way people buy houses and the way real estate agents and brokers do business. The Internet makes it easy for home buyers to quickly to sort lists of available properties in their local area and provide them with a combination of written information, photos and virtual tours. Large national real estate firms such as and ReMax operate web sites that furnish access to real estate listings across the country. [...]
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